The back muscle should be considered first when you had a back injury

Even more than discs and bone structure of the spine.

You’re not likely to be able to return to running or playing sports immediately anyway. This is because the muscles that you’re most commonly injured – the back, hip, and shoulders – are often the first to go after a back injury. One reason for this is that back pain often occurs due to a muscle imbalance.

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The amount of stress that the muscles of the back are exposed to is often much stronger than the muscles on the other side of the body. So when these muscles are injured, they respond by trying to protect themselves by causing more stress on the injured section of their body, which is why the injured side tends to get injured first. The back is a muscle that should be considered first and last. It’s often said that the back is the “seat of the pants” of your body. Think about where your back fits into your shoulders, neck, and hips. Your back is the main point of contact with the ground, which is why people often have back pain while they’re sitting. The back is responsible for being able to support the entire body.

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This is why you’ll often notice that a person who is overweight tends to have back pain more than someone who’s healthy. On top of this, it’s because the back is a muscle that takes most of the stress of every day activities. The back is also a muscle that isn’t typically used in your everyday life, which means that it can become fatigued when you’re not working out. In other words, back pain can occur even when you had no injury!