If everything seems to be under control, you're not jumping fast enough

"When your adrenaline is all out of control and your heart rate is 100 bpm, all those muscles you thought were in perfect shape are really working overtime,"

says Dr. Marc B. Grasman, a psychiatrist at Beth Israel Bostonia Medical Center in Deacon, where he has treated more than 2,300 people with high-risk gambling habits. Grasman describes the symptoms of what he calls "high-risk impulsivity": "The impulsive person is often very agitated and may become defensive and start acting aggressively." Over time, these characteristics can have profound consequences for the patient's entire life — from their finances to health care to relationships.

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The first thing you can do if you're worried about impulsive behavior is to get a good read on your individual situation. It's not just about gambling or your job, either. If you're worried about impulsive behavior in these other areas, you can benefit from learning more about impulsive personality type and the risks associated with it. Here are five warning signs that might signal that you have a high-risk impulsive personality: 1. You're Impulsive for the Thrill of It In the words of Grasman, "Impulsivity for the thrill of it is very common, very important and very dangerous."

profound consequences

The thrill of gambling is what keeps many people hooked on the game. What's more, these people tend to be impulsive about other seemingly insignificant things that could cause their money loss, such as making an ill-advised health care purchase or signing up for a gym membership. "If you ask why I gamble, I'll say money. I need the money," says Joseph S., a 51-year-old software engineer. While he recognizes that doing a jump rope workout might be the better option.